Our Mission

Black Collar Shirts set out on a mission right from the start. To deliver a high quality shirt, that was both sophisticated in appearance and functional in design. We wanted those who wore our shirts to be able to present themselves in a manner that was visually appealing in every way, and at the same time be capable of handlingthe workload.

As you work hard throughout the year, it can become difficult to keep your professional look. The constant grind of the day along with the elements of nature working against you makes this feel like a never ending battle. Clothing tends to wrinkle with every bit of movement, and when the temperature rises you can be sure that the inevitable sweat stain on your collars will soon appear. We came up with a solution which utilizes our patent pending design.

Black Collar Shirts deliver the perfect package...

  • Our modern spread, patent pending Black Collar design which helps to eliminate sweat stains.
  • Material is a non iron 60/40 (cotton/poly) that is both durable and comfortable.
  • Comes in both long and short sleeve.
  • The hybrid cuff accommodates either buttons or cuff links.
  • Each shirt has a 2" longer body which helps to reduce un-tucking.